About Suzy

Cockatoos Hi and thanks for looking.

I have created this About Suzy Page so you can understand a bit more about  the creations I create, and my art career.

I have always had a passion for art, cartooning and painting.

I have painted Murals around Australia, and have created many logos for sticker design, and business design, going all over the world.

I now have been focusing on creating on canvases, and have immensely enjoyed this art form.

I use Acrylic Paint on canvas as my main medium. 

I am also creating wearable art, having availble "Suzy Scarfs" which are a print of my original artwork onto a light weight material.

Multi purpose Head scarf with my artwork, and bookmarks, magnets, stubby holders and wine coolers...

You can view all my recent artworks on this website, and on my facebook page Suzy Galloway Australian Artist also on instagram suzygallowayaustralianartist  

Or you may be able to visit the galleries that support me,

Tall Poppy Art Gallery Shoalwater WA ( Safety Bay Rd)

1/224 Safety Bay Road

Safety Bay  WA 6169

Ph: (08) 9592-6922



Village Gallery - Palm Cove Art Gallery

Shop 3/139 Williams Esplanade

Palm Cove QLD 4879

Ph: (07) 4059-1211


My Art Achievements:

2012 -

March: Entrant in Channel Seven Mandurah Crab Fest En Plien Air Art Competion

March: Entrant in Mandjar Art Awards - Mandurah WA

December: My first One Day Art Exhibition at Tall Poppy Art Gallery

2013 -

January : Solo Art Exhibition in Airlie Beach QLD

March : Second Place in Channel Seven Mandurah Crab Fest En Plien Air Art Competion

Mandurah City Council Purchased the Second prize piece for their Council Chambers

March : Mandjar Art Awards - Mandurah WA

June: Accepted to represent Australian Artists - My design Reef Fish chosen to be part of a range of artworks to be on coffee cups in New Zealand.




Creating wearable merchandise of my art. Eg Scarfs and head bands.

Creating beautiful new original art pieces. 




The best way I can possibally be part of helping or conserving our beautiful environment is fighting for it.

I have proudly donated and raised money for, and will continue to for as long as I can :-

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre

Helping our wonderful Black Cockatoo to rehabilitate, and working to conserve their habitat.


Donations of my original Paintings are Auctioned ( when fund raisers occur ) with these wonderful people to raise money for our beautiful Black Cockatoos.

All donations are welcome.

Check out their website to know more.



I am happy to paint commisions if you are wanting anything in particular.

I just love people to see Fun , colourful and funky  art.

.With such popularity and demand, I  have created merchandise of my paintings. You can see the range on the website merchandise page.
Keep your eye out for Suzy Galloway original works around the place or perhaps you may even see me painting in an area near you, if you do please come and say hello.
Thanks for your interest, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further enquiries.