Suzy Galloway Merchandise


The Aussie Cassowary, this piece is painted with humour and character that shines through with our Native Cassowary in real life.

Acrylic on canvas, strteched onto a pine frame ( 30mm ) ready to hang. 

62cm x 85cm



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Dog in Shorts

Acrylic on canvas.Sealed with a satin varnish

Stretched onto pine frame.

36cm x 58cm



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Dog in Sunnies

Acrylic on canvas sealed with satin varnish.

Stretched onto pine frame

36cm x 58cm



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Bitch in Bikinis

Acrylic on canvas , sealed with a satin varnish

36cm x 58cm 

Stretched onto a pine frame


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Acrylic on Canvas, featuring some local North Queensland Butterlifes,

The Cairns Birdwing, The Uylsses, The Monarch and The Red Lacewing

650mm x 800mm


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Froggin it

Acrylic on canvas, sealed with Satin Varnish, Stretched onto pine frame

Based on the Green Tree Frog.

Long piece

111cm x 37cm 



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Green Turtle

Green Trutle is based on a beautiful Great Barrier reef turtle.

I have also used this image on my "Suzy Scarf"

Acrylic on canvas. Stretched onto pine frame

98cm x 72cm

$990.00  $550.00

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Pelican Stamp

Pelican on Black with a sliver stamp around each pelican.

Acrylic on canvas , Satin Varnish, stretched onto pine frame

120cm x 96cm



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St Marys by the Sea and the Sugarwharf

Painted  onsite at  the Beautiful Chapel built in the 1800's in Port Douglas, StMary's  By the Sea and the Suzgarwharf in the background which was used for shipping sugar.

Acrylic on canvas, sealed with a satin varnish, Stertched onto pine frame

125cm x 85cm


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